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How to Write a Cover Letter

We believe each and every CV application should be accompanied by a cover letter or personal statement. A cover letter can help get you noticed but a killer cover letter... well, that might just help land you the job.

A cover letter's purpose is to prove that you’ll be able to replicate your previous success in a new position, providing you with the opportunity to blow your own trumpet and convince the employer that you are the candidate they've been waiting for. When you apply through a recruitment agency such as us, you may not initially know who the end client is. In this scenario, focus on the role brief or job description and sell your unique characteristics, transferable skills and relevant achievements. Remember, it's best to keep it short and sweet. First impressions are made within a few seconds so choose your words and tone well. If, after reading your cover letter, we believe you're a star the odds are a client will too.

Here are some top tips to help pull it all together . We may have said it before but this site has some awesome resources. It offers lots of different examples of cover letters by role that you can base your own one on and tells you how to make your opening paragraph really hit home.

Opinions vary on whether they're necessary anymore, but we believe that sending a cover letter with your CV shows you’re serious about the role you're applying for and that you've given it your full attention, personalised your application, researched the employer to the hilt and squeezed the internet dry in the process. Some of the CVs that we receive without one tell their own story.

We love enthusiasm, passion and genuine commitment. These are traits that signpost an outstanding candidate. Tell us why you're sending us your CV and what outcome you'd like. It really helps us work with you.

We understand completely how easy it is to lose heart if you've been applying to a string of vacancies in recent months, but on reflection how many of those adverts did you tailor your CV or cover letter to? On how many occasions did you speak to the recruiter about a job directly? Don't be afraid to pick up the phone to us, we love it when that happens. It shows above all that you are pro-active, and genuinely interested in finding something that's right for you.

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