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Enjoy what you do

We find wonderful people

People that are a joy to work with.  People with leadership, insight and experience and that after a long day sprint the last mile to the finish line.  The ones that move your business to a higher level.

We help people secure great career moves

All communications are in the strictest of confidence

If we contact you its because:


We already have a connection, and a suitable role has come up


You have been recommended for a role that has become available


You have been targeted for an opportunity by one of our clients

The recruitment process:


We take care to communicate clearly through the process

and will keep you informed every step of the way


Hughes are the link between you and the employer


We will help you with first contact


If you get an interview we will help you prepare for it


If there is a second interview we will explain the next steps and again help you to prepare with the aim of securing the appointment


Nigel actively listens, evaluates and then delivers.  Add to that great communication skills, integrity, leadership behaviours and judgement and you begin to understand what Nigel is all about.

One of the reasons for Nigel's success is his ability to firstly build and then create high performing teams.  He has a great eye for spotting talented individuals, developing them and helping them along the way in their career.

Get the inside track

Book a free 20 minute chat

We can give you an insight as to what careers are out there and what you should be doing about it.


Very few people plan their careers or have insight into how changing their job will affect their future employability and income.

Everyone's situation is unique but there are some basics to consider before taking a job.  We can point out the opportunities or flaws which will help ensure your career goes in an upward direction rather than simply stand still.

Say hello

Call for a chat or just pop over your CV and we'll contact you (your CV doesn't have to be perfect, we'll help you with it).

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