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On talent

One of the reason's for Nigel's success is his ability to firstly build and then create high performing teams.  He has a great eye for spotting talented individuals, developing them and helping them along the way in their career.

Andy M

On ability

Nigel is a great recruiter.  He has a personable, friendly approach, his candidate control is second to none and has always supplied candidates matching the brief.

Faye W

On network

Nigel's network within the industry is impressive, he would always have an individual in mind should the need arise.  Indeed, he helped me on a number of occasions always recommending strong candidates.

Harj J

On insight

Nigel actively listens, evaluates, develops strategy and then delivers.  Add to that great communication skills, integrity, leadership behaviours and judgement, and you begin to understand what Nigel is all about.

Neil M

On coaching

Nigel is an exceptional coach and leader.  I found him to be challenging, demanding and inspirational.

Naiem W

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