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As an independent recruitment agency our business is tailored solely with the aim of delivering the best fit, high performing talent into senior or specialist roles through Executive Search and Contingency Recruitment.  We have over 25 years experience of both leading and recruiting senior leaders and teams across a variety of functions within the Retail, Merchant, IT, Sales and Health sectors in the UK and internationally.

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The Retail and Merchant sectors are our specialty.  Our team are accomplished experts in their own right and as a result are able to stand in the shoes of both clients and candidates. ​If you are an employer looking for dedicated, high performing talent or a talented individual seeking a new opportunity please do explore our site and get in touch.

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The best jobs move quickly

So send us your CV.  We will hold it and keep our eyes open for opportunities.  If something comes up we will react quickly and send you details of the opportunity

All other things being equal, the earlier you apply for an opportunity the more likely you are to get an interview. 

Not all our jobs are posted

There is little more annoying than seeing your ideal opportunity unknowingly filled.

Changes in key personnel that could have an impact on the bottom line are not always advertised.

If you are considering, or actively looking for a change, please do get in touch and we will help you find what you're looking for.


One of the reasons for Nigel's success is his ability to firstly build and then create high performing teams.  He has a great eye for spotting talented individuals, developing them and helping them along the way in their career.

Andy M

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I coach and support candidates to secure great career moves. We have a sizeable network and proven ability to recognise talent.  My background is in the Trade and Retail Sector, building high performing teams. 



My role is to broaden the types of candidates we support and the roles we engage in. My background is in the Health Sector, leading teams in the planning and delivering of frontline and back office services.

The Team






Real skill

If you didn't know this already, there are three things that make you employable.

The first is your skill. Every employer sets the bar at a high-competency and a range of related skills, but these are not just academic.

The second, which as-if-not-more important, is how you fit in the team.  Great chemistry is fundamental.

Lastly, perhaps more importantly, is how much you enjoy your work.  Someone that is wholly engaged in what they do and committed to producing the best results is obviously a good catch.

Long term coaching

Book a free 20 minute chat

Not many people plan their careers or have insights into how

changing job will affect their future employability or income.

Everyone's situation is unique but there are some basics to consider before taking a job.  We can point out the opportunities or flaws which will help ensure your career goes in an upward direction rather than simply stand still.

We work for

We like to maintain client confidentiality by not advertising who we work for, but we can tell you our clients tend to be FTSE 100 companies or otherwise high profile organisations.

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